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Frequently asked

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Significance of March 24th:

Our date is incredibly special to each of us - it is Mr. & Mrs. Grieve's Anniversary and the birthday of Kayla's late father

The Proposal:

TBD! We made the decision to commit the rest of our lives to one another organically and together - however, Michael has a plan to ask formally before March 24th - so stay tuned!


The Ring: 

In addition to surprising one another with engraved messages on our rings (to be revealed at the ceremony), Mrs. Grieve gave Michael HER mother's incredibly stunning ring and Kayla loves it dearly - it will be an HONOR to wear 

The Boots:

Kayla's late father, Casey, left behind a pair of cowboy boots that fit Kayla's (pretttty large) feet - she will be wearing them with her wedding dress as a way for her dad to walk her down the aisle

The Goal:

Michael and Kayla have a goal of 50 dates in 50 states - for our wedding we have planned a cross country road trip together and will be stopping to be married in Tucson, AZ - a place that has very special meaning to each of us!

How to Participate:

Kayla and Michael will be documenting their road trip daily on our Instagram page beginning March 14th! We invite you to offer recommendations and tips for each of our stops below and to listen to our road trip playlist along with us!!

On March 24th, our short and sweet ceremony will be streaming on Instagram live and the video will be posted to this site in the evening the same day! 


Because we are eloping and have everything we need, we ask to simply contribute well wishes, marriage advice and IF you feel so inclined, you are more than welcome to contribute to our gas + snack fund! 


We truly appreciate the love and support from our friends and families and cannot wait to safely meet all of the important people in each other's lives over the years! 



Beginning in home sweet, Cleveland Ohio, we will be headed to a few major cities and hidden gems including places that are meaningful to each of us and others that we are excited to see for the first time together! As we will be keeping each stop to a one to two day timeframe, we will make plans prior to leaving with friends and family to visit from a distance and offer our promise to meet and greet the ones we cannot fit into this trip in the near future!


If you have any, we would LOVE to hear any and all tips and recommendations for each of our stops! (submit below!) Keep in mind that Michael is an Executive Chef and Kayla is a Photographer so needless to say, incredible food and beautiful photo op spots are a priority!

To see daily (beginning March 14th!) behind the scenes, pretty scenery and highlights from our Wedding Trip, we invite you to follow us on Instagram! 

(also, don't worry! we have arranged for our home to be looked after as we are away)

The Wedding
Black Marble

please keep in mind we will be in each place for about a day!








SenD well wishes+ADVICE!

leave us a love note!

you're the BEST, thank you!

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